Gevaert Lab@VIB-UGent: Postdoctoral position in proteomics bioinformatics

About the Lab

Our lab heavily relies on mass spectrometry-driven contemporary proteomics techniques for answering very challenging research questions in the highly diverse field of life sciences. More recently we moved into the field of clinical proteomics, which starts to challenge how we set up experiments and how we collect mass spectrometric data. Therefore, we will implement data-independent analysis mass spectrometry (DIA-MS) in our analytical workflow. The clinical context and the DIA-MS technology will impose specific data analytic problems, which are yet unresolved.

We are thus looking for a junior postdoctoral researcher with strong data analytical skills, a solid biology or biomedical background and experience in handling and analysing high-throughput proteomics data. Moreover, the successful candidate is genuinely interested in DIA technology, experimental design, analysing and integrating complex proteomics and clinical datasets, and in collaborating in the Center’s multidisciplinary environment of experts in proteomics, statistics and bioinformatics as well as with its state-of-the-art proteomics core facility. The main focus will be on:

  • implementing, adapting and translating cutting edge software tools and biostatistical analyses into streamlined DIA-MS data analysis workflows
  • developing novel data analysis methods and tools that are tailored to the relevant clinical applications and DIA technologies, and
  • pushing the clinical projects forward by assisting the wet-lab with experimental design, data analysis and interpretation.



Candidates should hold a doctoral degree in computational proteomics and are junior postdoctoral researchers with a proven track record in applying bioinformatics for the analysis of proteomic mass spectrometry data. Experience in DIA-MS data analysis and R/Bioconductor are strong assets. Excellent programming skills and excellent knowledge of the English language are prerequisites.

Desirable but not required

Eligible candidates with excellent grades/an excellent CV will be strongly encouraged and helped to apply for their own fellowship once they started to work in the Gevaert lab.

Your motivation to be involved in teaching master-level students is an asset.

Key personal characteristics

We will hire an enthusiastic, warm and motivated young postdoctoral scientist who considers science as her/his playground! You must be able to communicate with proteome scientists, operators of mass spectrometers, bioinformaticians and statisticians.

We offer

A very warm working environment in a brand new science building (Q1 2020) that brings together about 700 life science scientists in the biotechnology hub in Flanders, situated in the medieval city of Ghent.

The position will start in 2020 and will last for at least one year.

You will be working close to VIB’s Proteomics Core, part of a larger European consortium of proteomics cores (EPIC-XS ( and Core for Life ( and have access to state-of-the-art mass spectrometers on which challenging samples are routinely analyzed ( For the development of experimental designs, DIA data analysis workflows, novel methods and tools you can build upon the expertise of the statOmics group headed by prof. Lieven Clement ( and the compomics group headed by prof. Lennart Martens (, with whom you will closely collaborate.

How to apply?

Motivated candidates are asked to apply online at

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