Proteomics is the scientific field that studies proteins. While this might sound like a straightforward goal, it actually comprises dozens of techniques that each focuses on another aspect of this extremely complex molecular landscape.

Belgium can proudly present a very rich selection of academic labs that together cover a very large part of the proteomics field. Below we summarize these labs by their PI’s name and the university where they reside. Each lab gives a few keywords summarizing their specific expertise. Just look for the technique/PTM/organism/… you use/study and you will find your perfect collaborator!



Academic Labs

Baggerman Lab@UA:
Clinical proteomics, peptidomics, PTM, DIA, label-free quantitation

Bousbata Lab@ULB:
Two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis, DIGE, phosphoproteomics, PTMs, MS data analysis

Callewaert Lab@VIB-UGent:
Glycobiology, microbial biotechnology, biological system’s engineering and bio-analytics

Carpentier Lab@KULeuven:
Plant Proteomics, non-model organisms

Clement Lab@VIB-UGent:
Statistical genomics and proteomics, biostatistics, FDR

Communi Lab@ULB:
SWATH, PTM, neuroproteomics, fundamental and clinical proteomics, metabolomics

Deforce Lab@UGent:
Histone epigenetics, DIA, SWATH, HDMSE, label-free, forensic proteomics, paleoproteomics

Derua-Waelkens Lab@KULeuven:
Proteomics, phosphoproteomics, lipidomics, interactomics, Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Devreese Lab@UGent:
Microbial Proteomics, label-free, protein analysis, targeted proteomics, MRM, MALDI-TOF

Economou Lab@KULeuven:
HDX-MS, membrane proteomics, protein folding, protein dynamics, label-free quantification, complexomics

Eyckerman Lab@VIB-UGent:
Protein complexes/Interactomics, Genome engineering, Proximity labeling

Fillet Lab@ULG:
clinical proteomics, QC of biopharmaceutics, DIA, microfluidics

Gauthier Lab@ULG:

Gevaert Lab@VIB-UGent:
Protein modifications, quantitative proteomics, protein-protein interactions, proteogenomics

Herfs Lab@ULG:
Experimental pathology

Impens Lab@VIB-UGent:
PTMs, DIA, clinical proteomics, immunopeptidomics, quantitative proteomics

Laukens Lab@UA:
bioinformatics, molecular interaction networks, pattern discovery, multiomics

Louis Lab@ULG:
Clinical proteomic in the field of hepato-gastroentreology and digestive oncology

Martens Lab@VIB-UGent:
Proteomics informatics, public data, identification, quantification, data analysis, Machine Learning, PeptideShaker, SearchGUI moFF, Omega, IonBot, colims

Mauro Lab@CRA:
2D DIGE, PTM: SUMOylation, plant-pathogen inteacation

Morsomme Lab@UCL:
Membrane proteins, subcellular fractionation, organelle proteomics, label-free

Noben Lab@UHasselt:
Clinical proteomics

Renard Lab@UNamur:
Proteomics, nucleic acid protein interactions, peptidomics, label-free quantification

Temmerman Lab@KULeuven:

Valkenborg Lab@UHasselt:
Quantitative proteomics, isotope modeling, MALDI imaging and spatial proteomics

Van Antwerpen@ULB:
PTMs, glycosylation, oxidation, LC-MS/MS, biotherapeutics

Van Criekinge Lab@UGent:
Proteogenomics, bioinformatics, NXTGNT, ribosome profiling, peptidomics

Van Ostade Lab@UA:
Clinical proteomics, peptidomics, PTM, DIA, label-free quantitation

Wattiez Lab@UMons:
Microbiological proteomics

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