Proteomics is the scientific field that studies proteins. While this might sound like a straightforward goal, it actually comprises dozens of techniques that each focuses on another aspect of this extremely complex molecular landscape.

Belgium can proudly present a very rich selection of proteomics platforms, ranging from (core) facilities to service labs and industrial partners. Together they cover a very large part of the proteomics field. Below we summarize these platforms by their name and the university where they reside.



Proteomics Platforms

  • Analytical Platform of the Fac Pharmacy@ULB
  • BioBix@UGent
  • biomina@UA
  • Censtat@UHasselt
  • Center for Medical Biotechnology@VIB-UGent
  • Center for Proteomics@UA
  • CIRM MaS-Santé platform
  • Compomics@VIB-UGent
  • GIGA Proteomics Facility@ULG
  • Laboratory of Molecular Bacteriology
  • Laboratory of Protein Phosphorylation and Proteomics
  • Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics platform@ULB/Erasme
  • MassProt@UCL
  • MaSUN@UNamur
  • ProGenTomics@UGent
  • Proteogent-Progentomics@UGent
  • Proteomic Platform
  • Proteomics platform@UHasselt
  • Structure and Function of Biological Membranes@ULB
  • VIB Proteomics Core@VIB-UGent

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