The Belgian Proteomics Association is embodied by a workgroup that aims to bring together the Belgian proteomics community. BePA is there for the users of proteomics. So many researchers use proteomics as a tool, e.g. in medicine, veterinary sciences, bio engineering, biology, pharmaceutical sciences, ecology and even within art sciences. BePA will be the central contact point for you to find the right lab with the right expertise in Belgium. We will organize workshops where you will learn the basics about proteomics in order to manage your expectations and discover the field’s full potential. This non-profit organization was founded on March, 13 2012 in Brussels and is a member of EuPA.


The Belgian Proteomics Association no longer is an organization solely for the experts in the field. Actually, we are now dedicating a lot of our activities to the users of proteomics, i.e. scientists that require some of the many different proteomics techniques to help them move on with their own research. This is why all our activities center around introducing peolple into the basics of proteomics.

As a BePA member, you can join all our workshops for free. They are organized all over Belgium and will help you to work out an experimental design, prepare yourself for the upcoming workflow, understand the basics in data analysis or simply get ready for your PhD defense, if your work involved proteomics.

Make sure to have a look at all the events we have organized and will organize in the future!


Upon payment of the registration fee you become an official member. In doing so, you also become a member of EuPA, the European Proteomics Association and are allowed to become a member of the Young Proteomics Investigators Club (YPIC). Members have free access to all our workshops.

Current board

View the current BePA board here.


BePA is a member of EuPA. The European Proteomics Association (EuPA) is the federation of European national proteomics societies. It has been established to coordinate and integrate national initiatives within the proteomics field. The main objectives are to strengthen and promote fundamental research and applications, through education and training in all areas of proteomics throughout Europe. EuPA is a non-profit organisation.

Recently, EuPA agreed on the foundation of a Young Proteomics Investigater Club (YPIC) to encourage networking and help support young researchers in finding the ideas and potential collaborators that can progress their research.