The Belgian Proteomics Association is embodied by a workgroup that aims to bring together the Belgian proteomics community and to represent Belgian Proteomics Professionals, from academia as well as industry, in an international context of proteomics activities. This non-profit organization was founded on March, 13 2012 in Brussels. The statutes can be consulted here.

This fall, November 17-18 2016, we have our official BePA Conference in Ghent.


A free membership for 1 year (2017) is offered to all who register for the BePAc 2016 event. Upon payment of the registration fee you become an official member.

For those who are unable to attend the conference, you can become a member by contacting Guy Vandenbussche (vbussche@ulb.ac.be) or Sebastien Carpentier (sebastien.carpentier@biw.kuleuven.be) or any other representative of the FNRS contact group or the KVCV-proteomics section. The current membership fee is €20,00.

As a BePA member you enjoy:

  • Reduced rates at our conferences and workshops
  • A free membership of the European Proteomics Association (EuPA)

Current board

Sebastien Carpentier

Edwin Depauw

Maarten Dhaenens

Guy Vandenbussche

Board members:

Antoine Champagne
Baggerman Geert
Bart Devreese
David Communi
Didier Vertommen
Dieter Deforce
Etienne Waelkens
Frank Sobott
Gabriel Mazzucchelli
Jean-Paul Noben
Lennart Martens
Leroy Baptiste
Patsy Renard
Pierre Morsomme
Rita Derua
Ruddy Wattiez
Sergio Mauro
Tassos Economou