Centre for Proteomics (CfP) is the UAntwerp core facility for proteomics and mass spectrometry that houses mass spectrometry equipment from both UAntwerp and VITO. With joined forces, UAntwerp and VITO would like to make this infrastructure and expertise available to both internal and external research partners in academia, but also in industry.

The services available range from structure elucidation (including PTMs) to quantitative proteomics (label-based or label-free), from small molecules to larger polymers and proteins, and from simple to complex samples. CfP focuses on the multidisciplinary field of proteomics and consists of a consortium of research units with complementary expertise. The facility has an extensive set of state of the art instruments for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Besides protein and peptide identification by using the latest state-of-the art instruments, also quantitative proteomic workflows by labelled and unlabelled approaches are available. Our core facility has a large expertise in processing (including specific protein enrichment) and analysing a broad range of biological and clinical sample types. Next to differential proteomics and interactome investigation, also verification of proteins and peptides is possible by targeted measurements via SRM and PRM. Furthermore, native MS and ion mobility analysis of proteins and protein complexes for structural biology can be performed as well. Moreover CfP offers also tissue-based proteomics and peptidomics by mass spectrometry imaging (MSI).

For more information please visit our website or send an e-mail to proteomics@uantwerpen.be .