The BioBix lab for bioinformatics and Computational Genomics at Ghent University focusses on the analysis of high-throughput multi-omics data, particularly generated by NGS sequencing technologies (in close collaboration with the NXTGNT sequencing facility), mass spectrometry and microarrays.


Amongst others, we focus on proteogenomics, trying to unravel the proteome complexity and its regulation by merging for instance data from ribosome profiling with mass spectrometry. Our lab has built multiple tools including PROTEOFORMER, REPARATION, mQC, proBAMconvert, RiboZINB. We also maintain a Galaxy web interface interfacing a lot of our tools.

If you want to know more about the BioBix group, please visit our group’s website, for contact details and location, see our contact page or contact Dr. Gerben Menschaert.

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