The Computational Omics and Systems Biology (CompOmics) group at VIB and Ghent University specializes in state-of-the-art solutions for data management, data analysis, and results interpretation tools for high-throughput omics data.

The core focus of the group has always been mass spectrometry based proteomics, resulting in numerous end-user oriented, production-grade tools including dbtoolkit, SearchGUI, PeptideShaker, DeNovoGUI, the MetaProteome Analyzer and Pladipus, among others.

An alphabetic index of all of our freely available, open source tools can be found on our GitHub page.

Several useful tools are also available online, including iceLogo, MS2PIP, SigPep, and the tryptic cleavage propentsity predictor CP-DT.

If you want to know more about the CompOmics group, please visit our group’s web page, for contact details and location, see our contact page.


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