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BePAc 2016

November 17, 2016 - November 18, 2016

Exploring the hidden depths of the proteome

This two-day symposium covered an exciting part of contemporary proteome science presented by excellent speakers. The conference took place on 17-18 November 2016 at the University Aula in Ghent, Volderstraat 9, 9000 Gent, Belgium.


This meeting gathered young and experienced scientists alike from Belgium and surrounding countries to discuss proteomics (young scientists should surely check out the new EuPA initiative called YPIC, the Young Proteomics Investigator Club). The central theme of the meeting was “Exploring the hidden depths of the proteome“, because we wanted to focus on the harder, but all the more interesting parts of the proteome. And we had some very prominent names:

Thursday, November 17

  1. Plant proteomics
    • Norbert Rolland (CNRS, Paris, France)
      • “From subcellular proteomics to non-canonical chloroplast proteins”
    • Kathryn Lilley (Centre for Proteomics, Cambridge, UK)
      • “Challenges in assigning the subcellular location of proteins”
  2. Break-out session (meet the expert): Data Analysis
  3. Computational Proteomics
    • Juan Antonio Vizcaíno (EMBL-EBI, Cambridge, UK)
      • “Mining the hidden proteome using hundreds of public proteomics datasets”
    • David Fenyö (NYU School of medicine, New York, US)
      • “Proteogenomics”

Friday, November 18

  1. Complex PTM analysis
    • Tiziana Bonaldi (IFOM-IEO, Milan, Italy)
      • “Quantitative MS-proteomics to study histone post-translational modifications and chromatin plasticity, in basic and clinical research”
    • Claire Eyers (Institute of Integrative Biology, Liverpool, UK)
      • “The bottom to top of NF-kB signalling”
  2. Break-out session (meet the expert): Challenging MS samples
  3. Proteomics on unexplored genomes
    • Sebastien Carpentier (Laboratory of tropical crop improvement, KU Leuven, Belgium)
      • “Quantification and identification of allele specific proteins in a polyploid non-model crop: integration of transcriptomics and proteomics.”
    • Lennart Martens (Department of Biochemistry, Compomics, Belgium)
      • “Into to the heart of darkness: teasing useful data from unknown genomes”



Sponsored talks:

Waters: “A new QTof multi-mode acquisition strategy for maximising product ion selectivity, specificity and sensitivity” (Hans Vissers)

Bruker: “From label-free quant to proteoform profiling : increasing Biomarker Discovery success rate” (Pierre-Olivier SCHMIT)

Thermo: “Advanced proteomics workflows for label free quantification experiments and protein structure analysis.” (Samy Memmi)

Sciex: “Early Detection Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer.” (Robert Graham)

During the lunch break-out session young investigators could engage in a scientific discussion with experts on specific, technical challenges in proteomics. This time it was not about the final results, but about the way to get there! And experts guided the young attendees. For the first “Data analysis” session with Prof. J. A. Vizcaíno and Prof. D. Fenyö, we heard diverse questions as “why is it so hard to detect (rare) modifications?”, “what is this false discovery rate (FDR) all about and why should it be 1%?”, “what is the use of a p-value in determining differential protein expression?”, “what is all this machine  learning I keep hearing about?”… On November 18th, the break-out session was given by Prof. T. Bonaldi and Prof. C. Eyers on challenging MS samples: “How can I decide on what quantitative approach to use?”, “How complex can I make my protocol when I want to do label-free MS?”, “how do you quantify PTMs?”…


And it wouldn’t be Belgium if we didn’t have our own inter-lab brewing contest!!!


Oral presentations

Twelve submitted scientific contributions were selected for a 15 minute oral presentation in the four sessions depicted above.

Registration fees:

BePA prouds itself in making proteomics accessible to everyone, so the rates were competitive!

  • Student: €75
  • Regular Delegate: €100
  • Industry Delegates: €150

And hey! You become a member of BePA (and EuPA) by registering to one of our events, for the same price!



November 17, 2016
November 18, 2016




Aula of Ghent University
Voldersstraat 9
Ghent, 9000 Belgium
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