Above all, the YPIC aims at helping young researchers to overcome the day-to-day issues holding them back to unfold their full potential. To find out what that is, YPIC members are asked to fill out a survey upon free registration. Herein new members can reflect on what they would like the YPIC to address. Things they have accomplished so far are:

  1. A dedicated job fair for proteomics people, comprising academia and industry alike!
  2. HUPO2017:
  3. EuPA2018:
    • The Mentoring Day
    • Meet-the-expert sessions
    • YPIC network hub
    • YPIC challenge session

Finally, the YPIC aims at getting together with other young researcher movements to learn from them and join forces. This interdisciplinary can one day provide the foundation for building the next generation science. We aim for the stars…