LOGOOn June 23rd 2016 at the EuPA meeting in Istanbul, a new European initiative was inaugurated that will bring together young European proteomics researchers. With a dedicated team of 17 nominated EuPA representatives (Table) this Young Proteomics Investigator Club or YPIC plans to become an established platform for young investigators.



Nominated EuPA YPIC representatives.
Austria: Tamara Tomin
Belgium: Maarten Dhaenens (President)
Croatia: Dina Rešetar (Vice-President)
Denmark: Stefan Kempf (Communication)
France: David Gomez Zepeda and Margaux Benhaim (Secretary)
Germany: Christine von Toerne
Greece: Athanasios Anagnostopoulos
Ireland: Jane English (HUPO representative)
Italy: Maurizio Ronci
Netherlands: Meike de Wit (Treasurer)
Norway: Tina Rise Tuveng (Communication)
Portugal: Catarina Franco
Russia: Ekaterina Poverennaya
Serbia: Marija Pljesa-Ercegovac
Spain: Luis Valledor
Turkey: Zeynep Durer

Above all, the YPIC aims at helping young researchers to overcome the day-to-day issues holding them back to unfold their full potential. To find out what that is, YPIC members are asked to fill out a survey (https://goo.gl/forms/9gOhlR3JfcrGkBjt2) upon free registration (https://goo.gl/forms/FKza2CUC1Kr1YHPL2). Herein new members can reflect on what they would like the YPIC to address. Subjects can be as diverse as facilitating networking, organizing workshops on publishing and public presentations, creating a YPIC member CV database and brainstorming about the future of scientific practice and peer review, as well as scientific communication to the broader public. Through workshops, a LinkedInn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12004091) and networking events, a buzzing community of open communication will help shape the future of Proteomics in Europe.

The one thing all these young scientists will have in common is their fascination for proteins and peptides. To consolidate this solidarity, the YPIC challenge will incite new members to engage in a dare that spans the whole of the continent. First, you will need to team up with complementary colleagues (mass spectrometrists, bioinformaticians, wet lab scientist…). When registered with this team (https://goo.gl/forms/NyWBmIuL97F82oqG2), a mixture of synthetic peptides will be sent to you, which you have to analyze as you see fit (no restrictions) in order to decipher the sentence formed by those peptides… It is not so much about finding all the words encoded in these peptides, as it is about finding the book where this quotation comes from. Just as in biology, you never elucidate every little detail, but you need to make conclusions about the underlying biological process. As for any scientific challenge, the different teams will then present their methodologies and results in a short manuscript, according to the rules of publication. At the end of the ride, they will have experienced something that is very similar to everyday life: building collaborations, developing experimental designs, analyzing and reflecting on data and writing a scientific manuscript. This way, YPIC can use your experiences to not only debrief on the outcome of the game but equally use it as a stepping stone for a discussion/workshop on real life in science at HUPO 2017, September 17 – 20 in Dublin. Everyone can exchange on their experience there, both in the game and IRL! And of course, the winning team will receive a prize and the eternal fame for having won the very first YPIC challenge.

Finally, the YPIC aims at getting together with other young researcher movements to learn from them and join forces. This interdisciplinarity can one day provide the fundament for building the next generation science. We aim for the stars…