The laboratory for the Analysis of Medicines (LAM) (Prof. M. Fillet) has developed a strong expertise over the last decade in the field of microfluidic analytical approaches (microsampling, electrophoresis and chromatographic techniques) and mass spectrometry.
For more than 25 years, the LAM has developed important know-how in drug analysis and bioanalysis. Since the 2000s, its scope of interest has been extended to diagnostic biomarkers and biopharmaceuticals. Research and routine activities take place in a quality environment (Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products agreement since 1997, GMP accreditation since 2014, IMP accreditation since 2015, WHO pre-qualification since 2016). Methods developed at LAM are optimized using experimental design (DoE), which leads to high reproducibility and reliability and then systematically validated to demonstrate their trueness, precision, accuracy and linearity.
MS and MS/MS have been successfully applied by LAM to discover and identify new proteic biomarkers as well as protein interactants leading to a better deciphering of molecular pathways. For now we focus on the use of complementary approaches to increase protein identification coverage (DIA vs DDA, UHPLC vs nanoLC vs CE) using IMS-QTOF and on the development of high throughput and high sensitive methods for biomarkers clinical validation using UHPLC-triple quadruple MS.

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