Past Events

Proteomics Users’ Workshop: May 2018

During this workshop, BePA introduced the users of proteomics on what they can expect from the field, what to take into account during experimental design and sample preparation and how the data looks like. For this workshop, some young scientist were even allowed to get some hands-on experience in the lab.

The program can be found right here! As you can see, they managed to get the attendants up to speed on about everything you need to start a proteomics experiment! We are working hard to travel around Belgium and we hope to have this workshop in a city near you very soon!

Connecting -omics, Centre for Proteomics: March 15 2018

The topic of the research symposium is Connecting -omics and is sponsored by Bruker. Therefore, participation is free, including lunch, but online registration is necessary before 8th of March.

Workshop on Structural MS 2016

This workshop covered different techniques used in structural MS, including ion mobility separation, HDX-MS, chemical crosslinking,…

BePA Bioinformatics Workshop series 2016:

This three-day workshop on Proteomics data mining was organized in Ghent to illustrate the diversity and ongoing debate in data analysis. Each MS run can easily surpass 1Gb of raw data, so you can imagine that there is a lot talk about when it comes to analyzing this data. It was fully booked in no time, so we had a second edition in Leuven.

We hope to have this workshop again in 2019, and hopefully every year after that.

BePAc 2016 – Two-day symposium of the Belgian Proteomics Association

You can click the biannual meeting of BePA to find out what that was.