Upcoming events


Proteomics Users’ Workshop: May 2018

During this workshop, BePA will introduce the users of proteomics on what they can expect from the field, what to take into account during experimental design and sample preparation and how the data looks like. We will be back soon with more details!

The 2018 BePAc conference in Brussels: December 6-7

This year, BePA is shifting the focus of the meeting towards the proteomics users. Have a look at what we can offer! And make sure to stay updated on the workshop that will precede the conference on December 6th!

Bacterial Protein Export 2018: 30 September to 03 October


Passed events:

Connecting -omics, Centre for Proteomics: March 15 2018

The topic of the research symposium is Connecting -omics and is sponsored by Bruker. Therefore, participation is free, including lunch, but online registration is necessary before 8th of March.

Workshop on Structural MS 2016

This workshop covered different techniques used in structural MS, including ion mobility separation, HDX-MS, chemical crosslinking,…

We hope to welcome even more enthousiastic researchers in this field during our 2017 event!

BePA Bioinformatics Workshop series 2016:

Three-day workshop on Proteomics data mining

BePAc 2016 – Two-day symposium of the Belgian Proteomics Association

You can click the biannual meeting of BePA to find out what that was.